Connelly Coronado versus Olhausen Huntington

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Connelly Coronado versus Olhausen Huntington

Postby JeffB on Tue Apr 13, 2010 2:09 pm

I am purchasing a new table. The dealer has a floor model 8' Connelly Coronado. They are still a Connelly dealer, but are not purchasing Connelly's for inventory at this time. The asking price is $3,200, with probably a little room to go down. This is in the Pinnacle line with 1.25" slate and pretty beefy construction. The dealer also carries Olhausen. I am looking at the Huntington 8' model, which is in the Signature line. It has 1' slate and uses Olhausen's uniliner construction. I have been quoted $3,000 on a new order. I currently have an Olhausen Drake, which is a laminate table with 1" slate and accu-fast cushions. That table is staying with a house I have sold. I like the way the Drake plays, and assume the Huntington will be as good or better, being an all hardwood table. I have never played on a Connelly. But I am attracted to the Coronado's 1.25" slate and heavy construction. The Connelly has ICON cushions. Does anyone have experience playing on a Connelly Pinnacle table? Any comparison to how an Olhausen plays? Any opinions in general on these tables? Jeff
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Re: Connelly Coronado versus Olhausen Huntington

Postby poolplayer on Wed Apr 14, 2010 11:58 pm

I don't think i've played on a Connelly Pinnacle before nor their ICON cushions. The Connelly's cushions I did play on didn't feel good to me. If you liked the Olhausen before, it might be good to stick with them. Connelly went into bankruptcy about a year ago so I don't know how after sale service would be if there's any problems.

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Re: Connelly Coronado versus Olhausen Huntington

Postby ronlamb on Wed Jul 07, 2010 10:45 pm

Jeff, did you get your pool table. I am wondering because I am shopping right now for a pool table and it's between the Olhausen Augusta or Santa Ana, or the Brunswick Sheldon or Glenwood. The Huntington is of the same family as the two Olhausens I am looking at.

I am leaning towards an Olhausen due to it being manufactured in the U.S., vs the Brunswick which is likely in China. I am not sure how much difference 1" vs 1 1/4" slate would make in a table, other than making it heavier, and therefore more stable. Can anyone comment on this?
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