Sharing what my shot - using pocket points

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Sharing what my shot - using pocket points

Postby akuma on Sun Aug 05, 2007 3:53 pm

Hi All,

I have been out of heavy pool playing for months now and yesterday, I decided to get my hands in the pool table again after watching a copy of the Colour of Money and feeling inspired. Anyway, while practicing, I came across this situation:

What I did afterwards though was something I couldn't believe I pulled off. Banking on the lower rail was harder for me because of the presence of the 5 and the 8. Banking from the upper rail was also a problem because of the 6. I decided to use one of the points in the upper right corner pocket to come back to the 4 to hopefully get a good shot. To my surprise, not only did I get a good shot, I got it in as well.

For those familiar, would using the pocket points bring in consistent results? Is it a skill worth understanding or should it be left to novelty?
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Postby badandy on Mon Aug 06, 2007 1:11 pm

i practiced it for a while and find it to me a novilty unless the ball set up makes it very easy. each time you change tables the point changes considerably since the point is such a small target and the point is not consistent between tables.

with the current setup i the diagram it looks like you can do the same thing with high left english and bypass the points. this is much more consistent.
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