8 Ball Bad Rack

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8 Ball Bad Rack

Postby Practice8 on Sun Feb 03, 2008 5:48 pm

How do you determine if the rack is set so that the balls don't break well?
Or better yet how do I make a rack so that it dosen't break well. I figure if I know how, I'll know what to look for.
Is it unusual if you think that someone is putting a bad rack on you to have each person rack their own balls?
By having them rack there own, can they make it so that the balls break better. So that they have a better chance of making a ball. If so, how?
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Postby badandy on Sun Feb 03, 2008 7:54 pm

if the head ball or balls are loose you will have a poor break. make sure the first ball is touching and might as well check the next two while you are at it.
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Postby jldnno on Sun Feb 03, 2008 9:30 pm

There are several methods that some opponents use to give you a bad rack. The most common ones are to not put the head ball squarely on the spot(either forward or back) or to cock the rack to one side or the other by a few degrees. When it comes to racking the balls loose the main thing to watch for is someone who babies the balls when they are in the process of trying to make it look like they are making the rack tight. Even if you examine the rack closely the balls appear to be touching but when you break you don't get much more than a splat. There is a lot of difference in the amount of rack spread after breaking that you get between racks that are loose touching and racks that are tight touching. When I see someone lightly touching the balls in the rack with their finger tips to get them tight I know that I need to add a lot more power to make sure the rack spreads well. On the other hand if I see someone rack the balls properly by adding considerable power with their hands to make sure the rack is tight I use a much more controlled break with less power. If I get fooled by a rack artist I just make a mental note and make sure I apply the power the next time they rack.

If you want to rack someone(which I don't recommend for a variety of reasons) the best way to do it without being caught is to roll the rack to the spot and find where the head ball settles in then push the rack forward by a very very small amount and let the whole rack rock back very slightly. All the balls will appear to be touching as when someone babies the balls when racking but will not break well.

When playing 9 ball the best way to keep someone from making the 9 on the break is to spin the back 3 balls forward to make sure they lock against the 9 ball and each other. If when you remove your fingers they rock back a little make sure you respin them until they lock solid. It doesn't guarantee they won't make the 9 but it won't happen very often and you will be giving a tight rack.

If you want the balls to break well for yourself just make sure you give yourself a good tight rack :lol: .
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