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Looking for pool instructors or instructional materials such as videos and book?

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Library books

Postby trickshottim on Thu Dec 06, 2007 7:49 pm

In an effort to see what other "free" resources were available to the pool player, I checked out some books from my local library. I did not look at Byrne's books, as those seem to be readily reviewed and recommended already.

Christos Raftis
Tricks and Tips for Everyone

Christos Raftis
Tricks and Tips for Experienced Players

I didn't find either of these books too beneficial. There are a lot of diagrams and drills, but not a lot of narration to go with them, especially in the first book. I could see some of the drills being useful, and he starts getting into diamond systems and banking by the end of both books. But the lack of descriptions minimize the usefulness of the drills.

Desmond Allen
Win at Pocket Billiards

This book is subtitled: Bank and Kick Shots Simplified, Explained, and Illustrated. There's more emphasis on kicks and he presents some good diamond systems for three, two, and one rail kicks, along with some common situation shots. I will definitely be remembering and implementing some of these systems into my game. - Free trick shot videos and tutorials
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Postby poolplayer on Wed Dec 12, 2007 9:58 am

You seem to have better books at your library. I've only seen the two Fats books and BCA rule book..

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