Looking for pool instructors or instructional materials such as videos and book?

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Postby allanpsand on Sat Jan 12, 2008 8:17 pm

Part of the problem you are experiencing is the different environments. You have gotten comfortable on your practice table, especially after dozens of hours.

Here are some points:

Many of the fears you carry with you into the match. Experience will allow you to discard most of these.

Consider the circumstances if you miss - where possible, play a two-way. (If you make it, you are on your next ball, if you miss it, you don't leave a freebie.

Which brings up the next point - do NOT leave any freebie shots for your opponent. Too many people shoot a low percentage and don't consider the consequences of either the cue ball or its stopping location.

AND - most important - if you do not a high percentage shot - shoot a Safety. There is no excuse for being nice to your table opponent - consciously or unconsciously.
Allan P. Sand, BCA/ACS Instructor & Author
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