loss of game or just unsportsmanlike?

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loss of game or just unsportsmanlike?

Postby Firestix on Tue Apr 04, 2017 3:12 pm

I was in an 8ball match and hooked my opponent. He tried a two rail shot and missed his object ball commiting a foul. As the cue ball continued around the table it was headed toward two of my balls that were frozen together, my opponent grabbed the moving cue ball before it could contact my balls, and handed it to me. He had fouled already by missing his ball but him grabbing the cue ball in motion affected the game as it would have cleared my frozen balls. I know you can't foul twice on the same shot and I get ball in hand. I'm just not sure about grabbing the cue ball in motion when it would have hit my balls. Very unsportsmanlike but is it punishable and if so how? :disgust:
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